Professional publications

 thesaurus computerized

The thesaurus contains 18000 key terms in all subjects as well as notes, illustrations and hierarchical and associative connections. The thesaurus provides a controlled vocabulary and it serves as a navigation tool to search for books and materials that can be found in the library. Besides a merging tool, the thesaurus can be purchased in a format that suits any software used to manage libraries.

Dewey Decimal Classification

The catalogue department published the sixth edition of the “Decimal classification” with the help of the editor Mrs. Anna Sela. This was done as part of the effort to help make professional publications accessible to the public and to school libraries. This edition is based on the 14th English edition that was published in 2008, to which we added a booklet for sorting Jewish Subjects that includes an extension to areas relevant to libraries in Israel for example: parts of the Bible, Judaism, Hebrew literature and History of Israel and State of Israel.

Resource Description and Access

In the late 20’s the Anglo – American catalogue underwent a change so it would better fit the changing reality of the book world. Accordingly, the American resource description and access were changed. On March 2013 the Congress library started using strictly the RDA and soon after libraries across the world followed.  In Israel, a committee was arranged to determine the rules for the university libraries taking in to account the local properties and since 2014 the academic libraries have been using the RDA rule.